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Thursday, September 28, 2017 12:56 pm EDT


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CSG International showcased its Ascendon digital services platform as well as Ascendon IoT, and a partnership it announced at the show with Arrow Electronics, to monetize the IoT through cloud-based SaaS for IoT providers. CSG is launching a new division for IoT connected health, automotive, manufacturing, agriculture and others to be monetized through an AWS-based platform.  "This has been very surprising, as I was here eight years ago and it wasn’t good, but now you walk around and the movers-and-shakes of the tech world are all around in the halls and conference sessions. I just saw Carlos Slim Domit and the ex-CEO of HP walking around. There’s a really good mix of ecosystem stakeholders here," said Ian Watterson, CSG's president of Americas and Asia-Pacific.

"It's about time, as there was a huge need for a show in North America with the growing interest in IoT, which will require that everything be connected from cars to refrigerators, representing growth for the industry. So that’s why Arrow, which wouldn’t have been at a show like this in the past, is here with us. Where the North American market was saturated in terms of new initiatives, the faster networks and IoT is driving renewed interest."

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