Twitter is Transforming How We Watch Football - What’s Next?

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Friday, November 18, 2016 11:58 am EST


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Huffington Post,

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By Kent Steffen, President of Global Content Strategy at CSG International on November 18, 2016

Thursday Night Football got an unexpected new home this season: Twitter. Earlier this spring, the social media platform famed for 140-character comments announced it would be teaming up with the NFL to broadcast ten games, throwing its hat into the live sports streaming arena. If you haven’t checked out a game with Twitter yet, maybe you should - it may be a tipping point that marks an interesting shift in the way we watch sports and other live video content.
While the first Thursday Night Football stream got off to an underwhelming start, with just 2.1 million viewers tuning in to watch the New York Jets beat the Buffalo Bills, Twitter has since seen a steady uptick - growing its audience by 31% to about 3.1 million viewers per game. While the verdict may still be out on whether or not the Twitter-NFL partnership is a success, there is one group that seems to be pleased with the partnership - football fans.

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