Get a Little Help from Your Friends: New Changes Ahead for Choosing Which Movie to Stream Next

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Monday, October 31, 2016 3:39 pm EDT


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Huffington Post,

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By Kent Steffen, President of Global Content Strategy at CSG International on October 21, 2016

Now that fall is officially here, I can’t help but think about the story I heard that retailers will launch Black Friday sales even earlier this year. Our family is thankful to stay out of the fray that day, and really, almost always because the majority of our retail shopping transactions are conducted online. And why not? The online retail experience is intuitive, sites make recommendations for new products that are similar to our interests, jeans are automatically paired with any number of shirts that match... It’s easy and insightful and gets me through the selection-to-buying process, faster, by guiding me at the outset to what’s most relevant to me. Relevant recommendations have made huge strides in the online retail space, but get ready for this model to make an even bigger impact on the way you decide which movie or TV series to watch next.

The online video content selection and buying process has been following suit with the retail model for a number of years. Video providers like Comcast and Netflix have become savvy about recommending movies and TV shows that match your interests, especially when you’ve shopped with them before, or you’ve chosen to tell them about your preferences for content.

But this is where the video content model is beginning to grow in new ways to carry forward what the retail model has started.

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