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  • As cyber-attacks become more common, organizations must devise new ways to shorten response times and lessen the impact, says Paul Nguyen of CSG Invotas.

  • The threat landscape for government enterprises is evolving rapidly and the stakes are ratcheting higher as public and private sector organizations become more dependent on distributed computing resources and remote access.

    As a result, the focus in cybersecurity is moving away from the perimeter and the point security tools traditionally deployed there and toward the use of analytics and monitoring to provide visibility and rapid response.

  • Telecom companies must boost their investments in providing a great customer experience or risk facing declining customer loyalty in the coming years. Here are five actions they need to take now to stay competitive.

  • You can scarcely read a paper these days without stumbling over commentary regarding the breach of customer data at popular retailer Target. Up to 110 million customers saw their credit and debit cards exposed to potential fraud in the incident.

  • Major security breaches in 2013 have raised the level of interest in cybersecurity to near fever-pitch. Such breaches shine a spotlight on a shared challenge in successful cybersecurity strategy implementation: the increased sophistication of cyber attacks and the shortage of skilled workers available to defend against them.

  • Selective security automation and real-time orchestration are driving the next big evolution in service provider cyber-security risk management and the next layer of exceptional customer service. The benefit? Priceless. Just ask Target.

  • CSG Invotas President of Global Security Solutions, Paul Nguyen, writes about why FedRamp should matter to you.

  • The e-bill better watch its back. The popular trend away from hard-copy bills may save trees – as well as printing and mailing costs – but it has also opened the door to innovative competition in the engaging form of video. Surprised?

  • While much of the focus on emerging security analytics programs tends to fixate on the data science, algorithms, and technology that makes it all possible, people and process plays as much of a role in analytics as it does in any other facet of security.

  • Change is a constant in the communications business, so it’s helpful to track the trends that are influencing the evolution of the industry.

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