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  • Inmarsat, a provider of global mobile satellite communications services, and CSG International, have joined forces to support Immarsat's new Global Xpress service.

  • It’s hard to read the news these days without learning about yet another security breach.
    With cybercrime increasing and response times lagging, is a cyber playbook the answer?
  • CSG International, Inc. has released results of its new survey, “Supporting Today’s Digital Lifestyle,” that explores the opportunities and concerns cable and telecom operators face as the digital lifestyle evolves.
    The CSG survey polled decision makers at the top 100 communication service providers (CSPs) in North America to determine the extent to which CSPs have transformed their operations and business models to become digital service providers (DSPs).

  • According to a survey from CSG International, many providers believe that the components of that portability—personalization, device authentication and multi-device access to content from a single account—pose serious challenges regarding the ability to drive profit from digital content.

    "Service providers of all stripes are in the midst of monumental business transformation to ensure their networks, billing and operational systems can keep pace with changing—and growing—consumer demand," said

  • There are three key factors that will allow communications service providers to successfully deliver and grow revenue from providing digital lifestyle services. They are: enabling content portability, settling charges and revenues among complex partner ecosystems, and driving revenue through cloud- or machine-to-machine-based services.

  • A new survey of decision makers at 100 top communication services providers in North America by CSG International, Inc. found that 31% of telecommunications organizations and 44% of cable organizations said “enabling content portability” would play a key role to their ability to provide digital lifestyle services to consumers.

  • As cyber-attacks become more common, organizations must devise new ways to shorten response times and lessen the impact, says Paul Nguyen of CSG Invotas.

  • The threat landscape for government enterprises is evolving rapidly and the stakes are ratcheting higher as public and private sector organizations become more dependent on distributed computing resources and remote access.

    As a result, the focus in cybersecurity is moving away from the perimeter and the point security tools traditionally deployed there and toward the use of analytics and monitoring to provide visibility and rapid response.

  • Telecom companies must boost their investments in providing a great customer experience or risk facing declining customer loyalty in the coming years. Here are five actions they need to take now to stay competitive.

  • You can scarcely read a paper these days without stumbling over commentary regarding the breach of customer data at popular retailer Target. Up to 110 million customers saw their credit and debit cards exposed to potential fraud in the incident.

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