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  • Throughout the conversations I have had this year, there has been one recurring theme – automation. Hardly a new concept; I was writing about the benefits of automation over the past few years, but it seems that 2014 has brought this back to the forefront. Look at the examples: Oxford University’s Sadie Creese said that we as humans “are good as spotting shapes and patterns”, but we automate as much as possible so we can focus on spaces.

  • In decades past the trajectory of new enterprise security vendors was easy to project. There was the early development phase which, after 12-18 months, would transition to beta customer acquisition which invariably included Bank of America and Morgan Stanley. Then would come the launch and a 2-3 year period of customer growth. After a total of five years market momentum would either push them to an IPO or a high valuation acquisition by a bigger player.

  • Innovation comes in many forms. From gradual evolution or through disruptive processes; as a result of revolutionary thinking or from a confluence of ideas from different entities that share a common goal. Today, we’re seeing more and more innovation blossoming from partnerships among seemingly disparate groups all looking for similar outcomes, whether they concern peace, productivity or profit.
  • Comcast is taking its relationship with billing systems and services specialist CSG a step further, announcing on Thursday it will turn over its entire residential billing services to its long-time partner.

    CSG International has been working with Comcast Corp. (Nasdaq: CMCSA, CMCSK) for many years, providing the cable operator with a customer care and billing platform for two-thirds of its existing residential customers. Today's expansion will see the BSS vendor take over Comcast's entire

  • Dwayne Ruffin, Chief Market Development Executive at CSG Invotas on cybersecurity is not just a challenge for IT teams alone. A cyber attack is an attack on an organisation’s reputation, its relationship with consumers, and its revenue. We all know that consumer trust builds over time but can be wiped out in an instant and take a lifetime to rebuild.

  • To security analysts, we’re stating the obvious, but for those of you who may not know, there is a serious shortage of skilled security workers. Data junkies need look no further than recent analysis, such as the Cisco 2014 Annual Security Report, that points to a worldwide shortage of skilled security professionals. The daily working lives of security analysts are affected by this shortage, and one of the biggest obstacles they face is the backlog of security incidents generated as part of

  • More than one-third of data breaches aren't detected for hours, and recovering from a breach takes anywhere from days to months, a new survey says.

    "The mean time to respond is the focus now," says Paul Nguyen, president of global security solutions for CSG Invotas, which sponsored the survey conducted by IDC.

  • Cyber attacks are prolific. We may be stating the obvious, but when the profuse number of attacks are coupled with the fact that they get more sophisticated every day, then the outcome is a security analyst's nightmare. Although the field of cybersecurity is growing by leaps and bounds, the workforce necessary to support it cannot keep pace with demand. As a result, many organisations remain quite vulnerable to security threats. The question has shifted from, “Will I be attacked?” to, “When

  • All of us understand that fraud is a big problem. And we live in a world where cyber warfare is part of everyday life. Soon Government budgets for cyber defences (and presumably offenses) will overtake the budget for physical warfare. The network security market is forecast to be worth $6.6 billion in 2018, up from $1.54 billion today.

  • Tony Jackson, Senior Product Manager, Policy Control & Charging at CSG International explorers whether innovative approaches to policy control and charging, combined with network functions virtualisation, can give digital service providers the agility they need to meet customer expectations.

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