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  • I am worried.

    Across the world MachNation has been continuing our dialog with carriers about their strategies and tactics in the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem. We have heard about their growing machine to machine (M2M) business units, their burgeoning number of M2M employees, their focus on increasing their share of the M2M wallet beyond connectivity.

  • A new survey reveals that cable and satellite providers better not lose focus on the importance of the personalized experience, particularly when it comes to a technician’s visit to their homes.

  • It might be a stretch to say that everybody loves Netflix, but there’s no denying that Netflix’s widespread acceptance and consumer-friendly technology have formed another chapter in the chronicles of digital customer expectations.

  • Before last week’s SCTE Cable-Tec Expo fades deeper into our memory banks, it’s a good time to bring up one of the show’s primary themes – improving the customer experience. 

    And I don’t have to be the first person to tell anyone that cable could sure use some improvement in this area. It’s one of the reasons why Comcast now has an executive – Charlie Herrin, its new senior vice president, customer experience -- solely focused on this area.

  • From your home security system or your thermostat, your wristwatch or your fitness monitor, these ‘things’ are increasingly connected. And as these things are embedded with bi-directional communications capabilities, they are increasingly becoming targets for cyber-attacks.

  • Fortune 500 companies with incident response teams and plans in place are pessimistic about their effectiveness amid a climate of data breach domination.

    Just because you have an incident response plan and an incident response team doesn't mean your organization is ready for a data breach.

    Nearly three-fourths of US Fortune 500 companies now have set up incident response plans and teams in preparation for cyberattacks, but only one-third of them consider their IR operations actually effective in

  • CSG Systems International has announced that Comcast has launched the Xfinity On Campus offering using CSG Content Direct as the content monetisation and management platform.

  • Cineplex Entertainment, one of Canada’s leading entertainment companies, has deployed the Content Direct solution by Hall 14 exhibitor CSG International to enhance the user experience of Cineplex’s digital commerce platform, Content Direct enables customers to rent or purchase digital content on-demand across a range of devices, including PC, Mac, Roku, iOS, Android, as well as Samsung and LG smart televisions.

  • George Fraser, the vice president of EMEA at CSG International explores the challenges of adopting SDN and NFV in a world of vendor lock-in and static silo.                                                        

  • Smartphones are truly becoming ubiquitous across the US — where, according to Nielsen, there are 171.5 million people (71% of the population, including infants and the elderly) that own them. The largest segment of the smartphone-going population is, unsurprisingly, the Millennial generation — offering big implications for the uptake of online and mobile video.

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