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  • Findings from a survey by CSG International, a global provider of interactive transaction-driven solutions and services, reveal that projecting over the next three years, the majority of Communications Service Providers (CSPs) said that offering digital services and transforming their business to become a Digital Service Provider (DSP) had the most potential to increase top-line revenue, with 28 per cent of respondents ranking it as the number one revenue growth area. The majority of service

  • When it comes to premium sports, fans have always been passionate, though the game action is now enhanced by much more interactivity about every player, every stat, every alert, tweet or notification whether in the stadium, on TV or through mobile devices.

  • By Ken Kennedy

    2015 was a big year for telecom, as mergers and acquisitions created a great  deal of shake-up in the media landscape. From moves to merge Charter and Time  Warner to AT&T and DirecTV, there is no doubt the industry is undergoing a  major transformation to adapt to meet the demands of today’s consumers.

  • By David Heaps, Head of Strategy, CSG International; pg 30

    The swing from traditional communications services to digital services provision is rapidly gaining momentum, as we see weekly in new partnerships between communications service providers (CSPs) and media providers, and over the next few years we expect a growing number of similar alliances to form, as CSPs move more deeply into Internet of Things propositions such as Connected Home and eHealth...

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  • Industry View: BSS, page 29

    Don't be a Sheep When it Comes to BaaS

    Should you follow the industry trend of handing over your BSS to a managed service provider? ALAM GILL explains what ‘Billing as a Service’ should really mean.

  • By Richard Ullenius, VP International Managed Services, CSG International

    While there are many benefits to living and working in our always-on connected world, there is one downside for business: It takes a lot more to impress mobile consumers than it did just a few years ago.

    Those awestruck early adopters who interacted with smartphone content on first-generation mobile networks are now accustomed to lightning-fast speeds with seamless access across all of their devices.

  • Not so long ago, communication service providers (CSPs) had large IT staffs to manage massive infrastructures, designed to support a small number of products and services sold to large volumes of customeres.  Now, the dynamics have changed and IT must do more with less staff and stagnant budgets, writes Alam Gill, CSG International SVP of International Managed Services.

  • Consumers, businesses and CSPs alike are investing in the digital economy.  In developed markets, consumers have a seemingly insatiable appetite for digital content and devices, while developing markets are banking on smartphones to connect them to the worldwide web to change the very nature of their societies and economies.

    Businesses around the world are becoming digital to foster innovation and generate productivity gains.  And CSPs trying to stake their claim in this realm should

  • I can’t pinpoint the exact moment that I became an impatient person.  The ability to instantly get an answer to nearly any question online got me started years ago.  Online shopping, express shipping and streaming video definitely contributed. Maybe it was when I realised that I could troubleshoot, pay, order and ask questions online without ever having to connect with another human.

  • In this article Richard Ullenius, VP of International Managed Services at CSG International looks at ways telecoms can convert the hype around IoT/M2M into tangible business.

    If there’s one thing that remains constant in the telecommunications industry, it’s the lofty predictions that come with the emergence of new digital services. Perhaps no other offerings are stirring more intrigue lately than those borne from the Internet of Things, or Machine to Machine (M2M), services.

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