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  • By Bruce O'Neel, Vice President Total Rewards and HR Operations at CSG International on September 1, 2016

    When people are considering joining a new company, they often try to negotiate more vacation time or more time to spend with family after the birth/adoption of a child. Because of this, many progressive U.S. employers have started to make these policies part of their standard benefits packages.

  • By Chad Dunavant, VP of Product Management, CSG International on August 29, 2016

    Today’s consumers have more options than ever when it comes to content viewing. The rise of streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu has ushered in new digital era where consumers can have instant, on-the-go access to their favorite shows.

    As the popularity of these a la carte viewing options has increased, many have speculated about the future of the traditional cable bundle. Buzz-worthy headlines about the

  • by Kent Steffen, president of global content strategy, CSG International

    As part of my daily job, I strategize with media and entertainment companies around the world about how to offer video content in ways that keep consumers engaged. So you can imagine how my mind goes into overdrive when I watch great video content like the Olympics, and think about the possibilities of what it will be like to watch the Olympics in the future.

  • by John Eggerton

    The National Cable & Telecommunications Association's rebranding of its annual show to "Internet" and "television" was clearly the right way to go if a new survey has it right.

    According to just-released findings, 80% of video streamers subscribe to at least one streaming service in addition to, or instead of, a pay TV service from a cable, satellite or IPTV company.

    The survey, commissioned by CSG International, which helps companies set up and cash in on online distribution

  • On May 17, EMarketing reports, Streaming Services Signal the Downfall of DVDs in the UK." Similarly, in the USA, video stores are giving way to streaming services. For example, On May 17, the Burnett Times reports the closing of a video store because streaming video is the preferred platform for many today for home entertainment. As streaming technologies and services are proliferating there are also efforts to streamline them. For example, CED, on May 17, studies the question, "As consumer

  • ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- CSG Systems International, Inc. (NASDAQ: CSGS), the trusted global partner to launch and monetize digital services, today announced survey findings that reveal new trends in consumer use of streaming video services and the impact of streaming on Pay TV services.

  • CSG commissioned Pipeline to conduct a global survey of service providers to gauge their state of digital transformation from key decision makers within service providers from every major market spanning all stages of transformation. The results were remarkably uniform and provided keen, invaluable insights into the state of transformation today.  Read the article here.

  • Digital transformation has been a key driver in the telecoms business for the last two years or so, though as with so many trends and shifts in our industry, it’s open to a number of takes and interpretations. Sean Casey, the director of Convergent Solutions at CSG International, discusses how the digital transformation journey is progressing

    VanillaPlus: CSG went public in 2015 with what looked like your keynote digital proposition, Ascendon. Twelve months on, how do you see the impact and

  • More than half of communications service providers indicated that most of their service offerings are digital today, according to a survey by CSG International in partnership with Pipeline Market Research. The survey polled 100 communications service providers worldwide, including telco, cable and telecom companies, to determine the current state, opportunities and challenges on the path to becoming digital service providers.


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