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  • Self-configuration doesn’t mean the end of consumers’ need for professional help in installing devices and linking them. Indeed, it signals the beginning of a deeper relationship between people who want to automate their homes and companies that know how to do it. That’s the take away from a survey about interest in support for connected device installation from revenue management and billing company CSG International.

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  • It is tempting to believe that installing all those home devices, such as security, lighting and monitoring will be an easy task. Surely in this digital age, an app or some remote bot can open, install, test and guide you through the process.

  • CSG International showcased its Ascendon digital services platform as well as Ascendon IoT, and a partnership it announced at the show with Arrow Electronics, to monetize the IoT through cloud-based SaaS for IoT providers.

  • Broadband internet followed by the widespread adoption of the smartphone has revolutionized how people consume content. The ability to stream high-definition video both at home and on the go has widened the range of options and opened the door to new media companies providing those services.

  • In the digital era, millennials are quickly emerging as the generation shaping the future of mobile. As digital natives, these young adults – ages 18-35 – are often leading the charge when it comes to adoption and demand for new mobile applications and ideas. In fact, according to Nielsen, 97.5 percent of 18-34 year-olds in the U.S. own a smartphone compared to only 68 percent of those ages 65+.

  • As millennials – the first digitally native generation – increasingly become the dominant consumer base, organizations across industry sectors are feeling the pressure to adapt and evolve their business to meet the needs of this generation. For the telecommunications industry, the urgency is heightened as millennial consumers live on their mobile devices, with almost half (43 percent) of millennials globally owning a smartphone, and more than three-quarters (71 percent) here in the United

  • TalkTalk has announced plans to revamp its mobile TV service this summer.

    It aims to offer its 1.3 million TV customers a more streamlined platform.

    The company is working with CSG International to integrate the Ascendon digital platform with the intention of helping customers watch more content both at home and on the move.

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  • Digital services monetisation specialist CSG Systems International has confirmed that its Ascendon digital services platform will power new ways for UK quad-play operator TalkTalk TV customers to view, browse, rent or buy a wide range of video content, whether at home or on-the-go.

    TalkTalk chose Ascendon to further elevate its TV offering as a competitive digital service, aligned with consumer demand for access to video content anytime, anywhere, across devices.

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  • UK operator TalkTalk is set to revamp its mobile TV experience after extending its partnership with revenue management firm CSG International.

    TalkTalk announced at Mobile World Congress that it will integrate CSG’s digital commerce platform to allow customers to watch more content on the go, in and out of the home.

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  • A third of mobile operator customers say they may move to non-traditional providers by 2021. What can they do to hold on to customers? New data suggests mobile video could help stop them leaving, at least in the mobile saturated millennial market.

    A new survey of millennials from CSG International, a provider of revenue management solutions for telecom billing, suggests mobile video could be an opportunity for mobile operators. The company employed research firm Intengo to survey 958 18-35-year


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